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[802SEC] Response to comments on IEEE P802.3cc draft PAR

Dear EC members,

Please see below the comments and responses in respect to the IEEE P802.3cc draft PAR. Thanks to James and IEEE 802.11 for these comments. The updated PAR and CSD can be accessed as follows.

PAR: <>
CSD: <>

Best regards,


[Gilb comment 1] PAR item 5.2.b: 

"as amended by the IEEE P802.3by project." The scope is to be written as present tense, i.e., that IEEE P802.3by has been completed (otherwise it would not amend IEEE 802.3-2015). However, once .3by is approved, it is automatically part of 802.3 and you don't need to call out all of the amendments.

I suspect the problem is that 5.3 should be marked as Yes and IEEE P802.3by be listed. Then delete "as amended by the IEEE P802.3by project."


ACCEPTED. The text 'as amended by the IEEE P802.3by project' has been deleted, the response to item 5.3 has been marked yes, and the item 5.3 text reads ' This project is dependent on IEEE P802.3by and will use the MAC and Physical Coding Sublayer (PCS) from that amendment.'.


[Gilb comment 2] PAR item 5.2.b:

The need states that the goal is 100 m SMF, this should be stated in the Scope, i.e., change "operation by specifying" to be "operation at reaches greater than 100 m by specifying"

ACCEPTED. Text modified as suggested.

[IEEE P802.11 comment 1] section 8.1:

Section 8.1, it is missing the standards cited in 5.2. Note From NesCom Conventions #5. "... For references to other standards within the Scope and Purpose fields, the number, title, date (if appropriate), and source of the referenced standards shall be listed in the Additional Explanatory Notes field. " Add full titles for "IEEE Std 802.3-2015 as amended by the IEEE P802.3by".

ACCEPTED. The full titles for the standards cited in 5.2 and 5.3 are now included in 8.1.


[Gilb comment 3] CSD Distinct Identity: 

The reasoning states that there is no other 25 Gb/s PHY with > 100 m reach, yet this is not a requirement in the scope.  If this requirement is added to the scope, then the statement here would be true.

ACCEPTED. We have added this to the scope.


[IEEE 802.11 comment 2] CSD Technical Feasibility:

The Technical Feasibility mentions a standard for 25 Gbps and yet the Distinct Identity mentions there is no other standard. Please clarify.

ACCEPTED. To clarify. The Distinct Identity stated that there was no other standard or project developing a standard for 25 Gb/s for reaches greater than 100 m, or for single-mode fiber. We have however further clarified this to state that this is on point-to-point due to the IEEE P802.3ca EPON (single-mode point to multipoint) project. The responses now read:

- There is no standard or project developing a standard that supports point-to-point Ethernet at 25 Gb/s for reaches greater than 100 m.
- There is no standard or project developing a standard that supports point-to-point Ethernet over single-mode fiber cabling at a data rate of 25 Gb/s.

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