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[802SEC] Comments on Revised P802.16s Draft PAR

Ref: The revised PAR is at: <>

The scope of The revised PAR Clause:  still didn't  address the comments/concerns raised by IEEE802.20WG in the last plenary meeting: 2015.

Refer Clause 5.2b: The scope of the revised project for TDD operation still includes the channel carrier bandwidths 1.25 MHz, wherein the narrow band TDD mode operation of the approved standards  IEEE802.20  (65k-MC Mode), ATIS-HC-SDMA-2007, ARIB STD‐T97 etc, exists. 

Refer Section 7.1: The revised PAR failed to list all other related Global  TDD standards in this section and didn’t  explain why the proposed Project is unique and different: 

Global TDD standards in Channel Sizes up to 1.25 MHz

–IEEE Std. 802.20-2008 (TDD Modes)

–ATIS –HC-SDMA- 2005 and ATIS –HC-SDMA- 2007

–ARIB STD‐T97 Sep.2008 (JAPAN)

–ISO 25113:2010

Refer Clause 8.1: Additional Explanatory note also  didn’t state clearly the technical differences between the proposed TDD project and the approved TDD Standard IEEE802.20 etc

Best Regards

Radhakrishna Canchi

IEEE802.20 WG Chair, Member of IEEE802-EC

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