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[802SEC] Call for Comments: IEEE-SA Response to FCC NOI

Dear EC Members and Karen McCabe,

The SA Public Policy Advisory Group is seeing review and feedback from Sponsors on a draft response the SA has prepared responding to the FCC's GN Docket No. 17-183, which is captioned "Expanding Flexible Use in Mid-Band Spectrum Between 3.7 and 24 GHz."

I know the 802.18 Radio Regulatory TAG has this on it's agenda next week at the 802 wireless interim, as it is important topic to many of the 802 groups.  Rich, please have your group review and provide feedback to the 802 EC and Karen McCabe,, the SA staff member requesting the input.

Karen, I'm confident 802 will be able to provide feedback within the requested timeframe, but we'll also need to review any modifications that will result as a function of 802 and other's Sponsor's feedback to ensure it is consistent with our members consensus view.  What process do you recommend we follow to ensure this happens?



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Subject: Call for Comments: IEEE-SA Response to FCC NOI

Dear all,
On behalf of the IEEE-SA Board of Governors Public Policy Advisory Group please note the following.

Best regards,


The Public Policy Advisory Group of the IEEE-SA Board of Governors is in the process of developing a response to an FCC Notice of Inquiry (NOI) for its approval.

Noted below is background information on the FCC NOI and attached are the following corresponding materials.
The FCC NOI response draft
The GPPC cover sheet
We seek your comments from your respective community on the draft response. The deadline for submitting the response to the FCC NOI is 2 October.

With this, we kindly ask that you please provide your comments by 15 September 2017 6:00pm Eastern US to Justin Caso at We ask that you please use the attached Comment Form to provide your comments.

The FCC issued a Notice of Inquiry (NOI)  as part of the NPRM process.  The NOI identifies 3 bands (3.7-4.2GHz, 5.925-6.425GHz and 6.425-7.125GHz) which are currently lightly occupied by satellite and microwave systems.  The FCC seeks comments on opening these bands to shared use in a similar manner as the NPRM on CBRS spectrum (3.5GHz). The deadline for response to the NOI submission is 2 October.

There is considerable support for the upper two bands to be  unlicensed, including Wi-Fi, given that these bands are immediately adjacent to the current Wi-Fi allocations.  We believe it is in the interest of the IEEE-SA as a global standards developer to support more spectrum in general and to advocate for unlicensed use of these particular bands.

More information can be found here:

We look forward to hearing from you.

IEEE-SA BoG Public Policy Advisory Group

Karen McCabe
Senior Director, Technology Policy and International Affairs
IEEE Standards Association
445 Hoes Lane
Piscataway, NJ 08855 USA
Office: +1 732 562 3824
Mobile: +1 908 239 4041
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