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[802SEC] Comments on 802.11bb PAR

Dear 802.11 members

I have the following comments on the LC PAR and CSD

    o The scope should state if this is free space or fiber communications
o The scope should state the target distance for the links. If there is a range of distances, list them.
    o "coexistance", should be "coexistence"

o I believe the correct response here is "This amendment will not have a purpose clause." instead of the text "This amendment does not change the “Purpose” clause of IEEE 802.11"

    o Delete "significant"

    o If the answer here is yes, you need to provide an explanation.

o Verify that the titles of the 802.15 standards are correct. They seem to be incorrect.

   o "Requitements" should be "Requirements"

  o Spell out IR
  o "IEEE P802.11aj and P802.11ay" should be "IEEE Std 802.11aj and
    IEEE P802.11ay"
  o "underutilised" should be "underutilized"
o Missing blank line after first paragraph in b) and extra blank lines at the end of the subsection

  o Add "IEEE" in front of 802. (line 21)
  o Add "IEEE" in front of 802.11 (5 locations)
  o Add "IEEE" in front of 802.15 (2 locations)

o The purpose of the CSD is to enable the reviewer to evaluate the proposed project. Placing a significant amount of the content in external documents is not responsive to the question. Provide a short list of the work that demonstrates the hardware feasibility and then point to a document for more information.
  o Delete "significant" in "significant variety"
o In b), the existence of the mature 802.11 technology is not relevant to this project. You are supposed to answer regarding the proposed addition, which has not been tested. Focus here on listing similar technology in this section, e.g., LC type devices, that already exist. Again, placing essentially all of the content in an external document is not helpful. o Delete "The amendment will use modeling and simulation as tools for evaluating performance metrics." The question is asking if there is _currently_ simulation and modeling to support technical feasibility.

  o Missing line after first paragraph in a)
  o Change "emoding" to be "implementing"
  o Missing line after first paragraph in b)
  o Missing line after first paragraph in d)
  o Extra blank lines at the end.
o Delete all of the text following e). Answering e) is optional (answering any of a-d is optional as well). Also, the text does not address economic feasibility.

James Gilb

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