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[802SEC] comment on the proposed 802.11bb draft PAR

Dear 802.11bb PAR review Members,

My comments on the draft 802.11bb PAR:

1) in 2.1 Title: change "light communications" to "light wave operation".  Rationale: "Light Communications" is too broad for use in the title (LC is used in a wide variety of ways in the PAR and CSD, e.g. LC PHY, LC devices, LC vendor, LC systems, LC market, etc.).  

"Light wave operation" better reflects (what I perceive) to be the principle objective of the project -- specifying an 802.11 standard amendment defining operation over light wave carrier frequencies.  Please consider making the change in the Title, and only in the Title.  I believe the remainder of "light communication" and "LC" instances do not need change or be modified. 



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