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[802SEC] IEEE Standards Association Awards

Dear EC,

Please nominate your participants for the appropriate awards outlined below.

There are many people deserving recognition of this type in the 802 community, let's fill the award pipeline with them.



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Subject: IEEE Standards Association Awards

Dear Standards Committee/ Working Group Chair, 

One of the superior accolades any standards participant can receive is an IEEE-SA Award. As a leader in standards development, we would appreciate your support in disseminating information about these awards to your standards committees and working groups.

The awards are

Standards Medallion: For major contributions to standards development, e.g, leadership in standardization of new technologies, achievement of standards development goals, identification of opportunities to better serve the needs of standards users.

International Award: For an individual IEEE and IEEE-SA member who has made an extraordinary contribution to establishing the IEEE-SA as a world-class leader in standardization.

Emerging Technology Award: For an individual, working group, or company that has initiated or advanced a new technology within the IEEE-SA standards development process and has produced a balloted standards document that has market relevance.

Distinguished Service Award: For present and past members of the IEEE-SA Standards Board for meritorious and distinguished service to the IEEE-SA Standards Board and its programs.

Conformity Assessment Award: For major contributions to the development and promotion of IEEE standards products through conformity assessment activities.

Corporate Award: For an IEEE-SA member organization that has provided outstanding leadership and contributions to the IEEE-SA.

Standards Committee Award: For leadership in the development of standards by IEEE-SA Working Group participants.

Standards Education Award: For an individual, company, or organization who has made significant contributions in the area of education about standards.

Lifetime Achievement Award: Presented to an individual whose achievements include significant technical contributions to, and an extraordinary career in, their field of interest; outstanding service to the IEEE-SA, enabling achievement of its objectives; and a demonstrated commitment to standards development for at least 15 years.

The nomination process is straightforward, and IEEE-SA staff is available for guidance. The nomination period for most awards is open until 31 July. You can submit nominations through the IEEE-SA online system using your IEEE account.

The members of your committees and working groups offer invaluable technical information and a foundation for open, interoperable, and portable technology worldwide through the standards they develop. Helping those participants receive a public and lasting recognition of those contributions is of great benefit to them personally and professionally. Please assist us in sharing this information about awards with some of our best resources—our standards developers.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.


Victoria Kuperman-Super
Senior Administrator, IEEE Standards Association

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