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[802SEC] Ballot coming on response to 5GAA ex parte, any early feedback

hello LMSC members, 
quick background, 5GAA has been pushing the FCC to re-configure the U-NII-4 band for less DSRC (802.11p>>>802.11bd) spectrum to allow some of the band for C-V2X (cellular....)  they put in a waiver last december and we (RR-TAG/IEEE 802) sent comments in on the waiver with issues we see if the band was re-configured, etc.. (docs - 18-18/0152 and 18-18/0159)

on 05 april, the 5GAA sent in an ex parte requesting to take even more of the band for celluar and only leaving only 1-10MHz channel for DSRC, see 

at the wireless interim this week we had one member go beyond and put together some great comments and some compelling arguments why 5GAA is going against what has been envisioned and planned for the band,  we also had some great inputs from the rr-tag members and we edited and approved: 

i thought i would send out the document to get your inputs before i take to ballot next week, thanks!. 

no hard date, though the FCC could act on the 5GAA waiver any day, and we are hearing lots that an NPRM from the FCC on this band could be sooner.  so we would like to get the comments in while the FCC is still putting things together. 

enjoy your days,

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