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[802SEC] EC email ballot results - Pushing Ethernet Standards Further and Faster Beyond Standards blog

Dear EC members,

In respect to the 'Pushing Ethernet Standards Further and Faster Beyond Standards blog' EC email ballot <>, I'm announcing that the ballot has passed based on it exceeding the required majority and return rate. Thank you for the responses, the results are detailed in the table below. Based on these results I'll go ahead and ask the IEEE-SA to publish the blog.

Best regards,

Vote categories:         NV     APP    DIS    ABS    DNV
 CH Paul Nikolich                                    DNV
 VC James Gilb                  APP
 VC Roger Marks                 APP
 TR George Zimmerman                                 DNV
 RS John D'Ambrosia                                  DNV
 ES Jon Rosdahl                 APP                     
 01 Glenn Parsons                                    DNV
 03 David Law                   APP
 11 Dorothy Stanley             APP
 15 Bob Heile                                        DNV
 16 Roger Marks          NV
 18 Jay Holcomb                 APP
 19 Steve Shellhammer           APP
 21 Subir Das            NV
 22 Apurva Mody          NV
 24 Tim Godfrey                                      DNV
 ME Geoff Thompson       NV
 ME Clint Chaplin        NV
 18 TOTALS               05      07     00     00     05

Approval requirement (see subclause 7.1 'Approval of an action' of IEEE 802 LAN/MAN Standards Committee (LMSC) Policies and Procedures): A vote is carried by majority of the votes cast (i.e., Approve or Do Not Approve votes, excluding abstentions), provided a majority of all the Voting Members of the Standards Committee responded.

Approval rate = 7/(7 + 0) = 100%
Return rate   = 7/13      =  53%

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