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[802SEC] Fw: National Body Adoption of IEEE standards

Dear 802 EC Members,

Please see the below notice from IEEE SA regarding National Body Adoptions.  I already spoke with Yvette Ho San to indicate IEEE 802 most likely will not participate in the program because our stakeholders cannot tolerate any potential for errors in country specific changes or the translation process.



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From: Dave Ringle <>
To: std-liaison-reps <>; stds-wg-chairs <>
Cc: Karen Evangelista <>
Sent: Monday, January 6, 2020, 11:11:36 AM EST
Subject: National Body Adoption of IEEE standards

To Standards Committees

IEEE SA has created a new program that will be implemented in the first quarter of 2020.  The program will be a more streamlined process for National Body adoption of IEEE standards. The non-editable template agreement will permit country-specific changes and translations. Countries would be able to adopt IEEE standards as national body standards, and include changes they would like to make that, for example, might include changes due to geography, infrastructure, regulatory requirements, etc. In order to determine which standards will be available under this program, IEEE SA will need your input on whether there are standards developed under your Standards Committee where country-specific changes could substantially impact the standard's implementation worldwide (e.g., functionality or interoperability). Please inform your Program Manager by 24 January 2020 of any relevant standards.      

If you have specific questions, please contact Thank you.  

Best regards, 
Karen M. Evangelista
Senior Program Manager, IEEE SA Governance
IEEE Standards Association
445 Hoes Lane
Piscataway, NJ 08854-4141 USA
Tel: +1 732 562 3854

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