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Re: [802SEC] Framemaker licenses


How much friction is involved in license reassignment?

Would it work like "I need to do some editing on Monday and Tuesday next week, but someone else can have it Wednesday?", or more like "I need it from Jan 2021 through June 2022"? Or something in between?


On Jul 29, 2020, 10:51 AM -0600, James P. K. Gilb <>, wrote:

After ignoring my action items for about a year, others have done most
of the hard work and so I can report the following;

5 Framemaker licenses that can be shared among editors, assigned for
periods of time and then switcthed to new editors as necessary, will
cost just under $2500/year ($400+ dollars per yearly license).

The motion passed last July said:
Move that the LMSC authorize the purchase of Framemaker subscription
licenses with a cost not to exceed $1000 for a time period not to extend
past December 2020 as a test. Technical Editors who want access to these
licenses will contract the LMSC First Vice Chair, who will determine the
distribution of the licenses.

So, I would need a new motion to authorize $2500 for a time period not
to extend past December 2021.

Or we could go for fewer license to try it out.

Please respond with one of:
1) I think we should go for $2500
2) Keep it to $1000 with fewer licenses
3) Drop the idea.

This is sort of a straw poll, so anyone can respond. But note that
actually spending the money will require a majority of the voting
members of the EC at a meeting.


James Gilb

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