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[802SEC] IMAT and Seasonal Time Change Issue

We'd like to apologize for the inconvenience to your users that experienced issues with IMAT on or about 1 November 2020.  A new issue was discovered when multi-day meetings were scheduled in a period that included a change to standard time from daylight savings time which resulted in the meeting times being wrong after the time change.

As you know IMAT is a custom legacy system that is being maintained at current level of functionality while a project is beginning to gather requirements to replace/update it.  Processes will be put in place to help ensure that meetings are not scheduled across such a seasonal time change in the future without breaking it into two parts so that the times are reflected properly. 

We will also make sure that the ability to handle seasonal time changes gracefully is included in those requirements.  User groups should be hearing from the vendor doing the requirements gathering during Q4 2020.

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Adam Newman
IEEE Standards Association
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