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Re: [802SEC] Proposed Plan / Rules Suspension for March 2021 Plenary


I have no objections to the schedule.

One minor nuisance is related to the IMAT Daylight Savings Time bug. IMAT has trouble when a session straddles a DST changeover; meetings on one side of the change are one hour off. If we schedule the IMAT session in a US time zone, DST will change on March 14. The meeting schedulers will need to remember to correct for this.

Alternatively, we could schedule the entire session in UTC, which has no DST changeover.

A third option is to divide the session into two IMAT sessions. I think that the "attendance summary" report consolidates results per calendar month, over multiple sessions, so it seems that IMAT could generate attendance reports without a manual merge. We might want to confirm that this would provide all the necessary stats.


On Dec 15, 2020, 7:11 PM -0700, John D'Ambrosia <>, wrote:


Below – please see link to attached summary of meeting conflicts and proposed plan for suspending the rules to make the March 2021 Plenary virtual -


These will be considered at the January 2021 802 EC Monthly meeting.  Please review the proposal and comment.


James – I would appreciate if you would give the proposed rules suspension a check.  I started from the previous ppt that we had reviewed, but you know mistakes happen.




John D’Ambrosia

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