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[802SEC] IEEE 802 P&P approval


I was waiting for AudCom reviewer responses before submitting for ballot. By then, it made more sense to take this up on the January 5 conference call.

I have uploaded a revision with 2 changes:
1) Remove Standards Committee Ombudsman as a non-voting member
2) Switch the order of Clauses 10 and 11, so that Clause 10 is the Revision of Standards Committee P&P, just as it is in our current one.

It is on mentor at:

So, John, I need ME, 10 minutes:

This motion is brought under Clause 10.0 “Revision of Sponsor P&P” of the IEEE 802 LMSC P&P.

Moved: Approve document ec-20-0124-04-00EC as the IEEE 802 LMSC Policies and Procedures and forward the document to AudCom for consideration and IEEE SASB approval. The First Vice Chair is empowered to provide explanations to AudCom regarding the submission.

NOTE: The immediate result of the motion does not bring into effect a change in the approved IEEE 802 LMSC P&P, but may cause the change if SASB approves the unmodified document.

Moved: Gilb
Second: TBD

I can make a slide with the motion if someone requests it.

John: I may present ec-20-0124-04 during the meeting.

James Gilb

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