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[802SEC] Suggested AANI motion text



First – the intent of the motion. I understand that the intent is to have a motion in which the WG determines whether it will approve/endorse/accept/assume responsibility for the AANI report.

If this understanding is correct, then


“Approve” or

“Accept” or

“Adopt”  the technical report on Interworking between a 3GPP 5G Network and an 802.11 WLAN in 11-20-0xxxrx.


will accomplish the intended goal.


a)      “Approve” is the verb that we typically use in motions. Members understand what it means.


b)      “Accept” has also been used in 802.11 motions, for example 11-19-0256r8 slide 20, and is suggested in the EC motion templates, , see slide 11. Slide 11 in that deck has “Accepting a Report”. “Accept the report of the <subgroup-name> in :doc-url>”

Robert’s rules discussion:

(1) If the report contains only a statement of fact or opinion for the information of the assembly, the reporting member makes no motion for its disposal, as there is no necessity for action on the report. But if any action is taken, the proper motion, ... is to “accept the report,” which has the effect of endorsing the statement and making the assembly assume responsibility for it.

                Some might question whether the effect of the action is to just recognize the report, or indeed accept/adopt/approve the contents. Would need to explain.

c)       Also from , in the lst paragraph prior to section 55,

“While the motions to adopt, to accept, etc, are often used indiscriminately, and the adoption of any one of them has the effect of endorsing or adopting the opinions, actions, recommendations, or resolutions submitted by the committee, as the case may be, yet it is better to use them as heretofore stated. If only one term is used, the word "adopt" is preferable, as it is least liable to be misunderstood.








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