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Re: [802SEC] Responses to IEEE 802.1 comments on 802.15 PARs and CSDs

Thanks Pat,


The comments from 802.1 on the 802.15 PARs were looking for understanding on the issues that prevent CSD Compatibility.   64-bit MAC addresses is one, but some in 802.1 suggest something could be defined to solve that.  But if there are other issues then this may be moot.


The 802.15.4 response dismissed the 802.1 questions, while the 802.15.14 and 802.15.15 responses referred to a joint 802.1 and 802.15 meeting in 2013.  Indeed there have been multiple joint meetings, however I do not recall (or see in the 802.15 or 802.1 minutes) that there was a conclusion.  What I do recall is that 802.15 was going to provide a list of issues for us to continue the discussion.  I think we started this discussion but again, I do not recall (or find) a conclusion.


I will not object to approving the 802.15 PARs.  However, I would like to set up a discussion before the next plenary so that we can discuss the compatibility issue.  Would you prefer such a discussion at the WG level or at the TG level?





From: Pat Kinney <>
Sent: Wednesday, July 21, 2021 5:07 PM
To: Glenn Parsons <>
Subject: Responses to IEEE 802.1 comments on 802.15 PARs and CSDs


Dear Glenn;


Thank you very much for the IEEE 802.1 comments, please see the 802.15 WG responses in the following document


Sincerely,  Pat

Pat Kinney
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