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Re: [802SEC] IETF meetings assessment

Thank you for this Glenn. 

It’s interesting to see their detailed criteria.  I think this would be good input to the general EC.   Not sure it impacts planning directly in the ad hoc for what a mixed-mode meeting looks like, but is a model for


It is interesting that in terms of travel self-isolation (which seems to be the bigger concern) it appears to be forward-looking (i.e., not counting countries which are expected to, but have not yet, changed their travel policies).  They pass on this basis, and yet oddly, their meeting attendance is largely remote in the financial models…  I think individual judgement needs to be made here, as the state of things continues to be variable, and I personally am not sure I agree with the practice. 


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For the mixed mode meeting sub ad hocs,  it may be useful input to review the IETF’s meeting cancellation considerations that are in development:


As well as their assessment criteria on making IETF 112 (Nov 2021) an online meeting:


For example, they are using “80% of expected participants” as a threshold.






Glenn Parsons

Chair, IEEE 802.1 WG



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