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[802SEC] 802 Next Gen Coordintation/Brainstorm Workshop presentations

Dear EC Members and Observers,

We now have a nearly complete set of presentations for tomorrow's (Wed 03 Nov21) Workshop.  

They are:

a) Opening slide deck, Nikolich,
b) 802.1 next gen activities, Marks,
c) 802.3 next gen activities, Lewis, pending
d) 802.11 next gen activities, Lansford,
e) 802.15 next gen activities, Rolfe,
f) 802.24 next gen activities, Godfrey,
g) WIOT brainstorm deck, Restuccia,
h) WIOT brainstorm deck, Jornet, pending

I expect to get the two pending decks later today, we should be in good shape for the Workshop tomorrow.  Thanks for the contributions and I look forward to a productive Workshop tomorrow.



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