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[802SEC] Proposed IEEE 802 LMSC WG P&P


I have uploaded the proposed WG P&P.  It can be found at:

We had some discussion prior to approving it before about not storing the the Working Group Participant List on non IEEE hardware. The compromise we came up with was:
"except temporarily when required to edit or update the list."

The AudCom reviewers pointed out that "temporarily" is ill-defined.

I have suggested changing it to:

"except temporarily during the time required to edit or update the list,"

Yvette has suggested:
"except temporarily during the time required to edit or update the list if the list is not on a system that automatically stores the data to a non-IEEE system, and the information is deleted immediately after use."

This topic generated a fair amount of discussion before, so in the interest of keeping our closing meeting shorter, I would invite comments on the text via email. It seems reasonable to assume that there is better wording available.

As a reminder, there is a new proposed Operations Manual for which I will ask for a vote at the closing. Please review and comment. I have some editorial corrections from Bob Grow (I don't need spell check or grammar check, I have Bob).

In particular, I changed "IEEE 802 LMSC Interim Teleconference Meeting" to be "IEEE 802 LMSC Interim Electronic Meeting" to match the term in our P&P. I think I have used and capitalized it correctly in the OM. I also capitalized Interim Session and Plenary Session as they are now defined terms in our WG P&P.

Take a look, you can find the updated proposed version at:

James Gilb

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