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Re: [802SEC] 2022 Elections: Endorsement / Affiliation Letters

Title: 2022 Elections: Endorsement / Affiliation Letters

To all those who are considering running for a leadership position within IEEE 802, please remember you need to submit your endorsement / affiliation letters.


Please see below.




John D’Ambrosia

Recording Secretary, IEEE 802 LMSC


From: <>
Sent: Wednesday, January 12, 2022 8:35 AM
Subject: RE: 2022 Elections: Endorsement / Affiliation Letters



Reminder regarding affiliation / endorsement letters.

Please note that the right section number in the P&P is section 4.3.




John D’Ambrosia

Recording Secretary, IEEE 802 LMSC



From: <>
Sent: Monday, January 3, 2022 11:00 AM
Subject: 2022 Elections: Endorsement / Affiliation Letters


Dear Potential 802 EC Members,

As announced by the IEEE 802 Chair, Paul Nikolich, at the IEEE 802 Nov 2021 Opening Meeting, the 2022 elections will be held at the IEEE 802 March 2022 Plenary.  (For information about the meeting see

Per IEEE 802 LMSC P&P, Section 4.1 (see  –

“Any person to be confirmed or elected by the Sponsor shall, prior to confirmation or election by the Sponsor, file with the Recording Secretary a letter of endorsement from their supporting entity.”

WG Chairs, WG Vice Chairs, Appointed Sponsor Officers, and Appointed Sponsor Non-Voting Members are all confirmed by the Sponsor. Any individual who would like to run for one of these positions or anticipates being appointed to one, will be required to submit a letter of endorsement signed by both the Sponsor member  and "an individual who has management responsibility for the Sponsor member"  prior to a confirmation vote. 


In addition, per Section 4.5 of the IEEE 802 Chair’s Guidelines (see -

All members of the sponsor that are confirmed or elected, prior to confirmation or election, shall provide a signed letter that states their affiliation.  This requirement may also be met by having an explicit statement of affiliation in the endorsement letter described in the “Voting membership” subclause of the IEEE LMSC Policies and Procedures.  A statement of affiliation should be in the form of “For the purposes of IEEE 802, <potential Sponsor member's name>'s affiliation is <affiliation>.”

For information regarding requirements for declaration of affiliation, please see


Acceptable templates for these two documents (in both Word 97/2000/XP and Open Document Format (ODF)) can be found at:


As confirmation will take place at the March 2022 closing plenary, I will need the documents prior to the start of the March Closing 2022 Plenary.   


Thank you!


John D’Ambrosia

IEEE 802 LMSC Recording Secretary

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