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[802SEC] 2022-06-07 Agenda request: EC motion for P802.11-2020/Cor 1 D2.1 to SA Ballot

Hello John, all,

Please add the following WG11 motion to the 2022-06-07 EC agenda.
We are awaiting a MEC response from IEEE editorial staff.

Let me know of any questions.


EC motion: P802.11-2020/Cor 1 D2.1 to SA Ballot


Approve sending IEEE P802.11-2020/Cor1/D2.1 to SA Ballot conditional on MEC not finding any issues.

See for supporting documentation.

Moved: Stacey

Seconded: Rosdahl

WG11 result (to SA Ballot and Report): (Y/N/A) 121-0-26



Dorothy Stanley

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

+1 630-363-1389

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