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[802SEC] fee waivers for July


To support the hybrid setup for July I will be bringing four extra Ericsson laptops to be the projector/webex laptop in each of the 802.1 meeting rooms.   Further, I have now arranged for some summer students to help me and be the support staff that makes sure those laptops are projecting and connected to the webex during the meeting. They either have local accommodation anyway or Ericsson will make arrangements.

I would like these students to be considered part of the support staff and not have to pay registration fees.  As a result, I have requested agenda item 4.14 to make a fee waiver motion for this during the EC meeting tomorrow.

The students are:





Ms. Basma Kaanane

University of Ottawa / Ericsson

Attendance to manage/support the webex/presentation computer in the 802.1 meeting rooms

Mr Mohammed Abuibaid

Carleton University

Mr Amir Hoseein Ghorab

Carleton University







Glenn Parsons

Chair, IEEE 802.1 WG



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