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[802SEC] 802 Architecture mailing list

WG chairs,


As indicated during the technical plenary, please identify one or more participants from your WG to follow the P802-REVc project.  Please ask those individuals to join the STDS-802-ARCH mailing list (if they are not already on this list as a result of the 2014 revision work):


Links: Subscribe or leave the Architecture list
MHonArc archive (since 2004; requires 802.x password)
Listserv archive (since 2017; requires personal login)


Doodle polls, meeting and ballot announcements, as well as general discussion will be on the architecture list.

For coordination, I will make milestone announcements (eg, ballot initiation) to the EC list.  As well, meeting and ballot announcements will also be on the 802.1 list. 






Glenn Parsons

Chair, IEEE 802.1 WG



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