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[802SEC] Responses to submitted comments on IEEE 802.3 ICAID

Title: Double check on who submitted comments on IEEE 802.3 ICAID


Our thanks to all who reviewed the IEEE 802.3 NEA ICAID. 


Please find our responses to the submitted comments:


Comments from 802.11


Comment #1

  • 8.3 Initial Participation – The Instructions indicate that 5 unique individuals with unique employers/affiliations are required.  Only 4 individuals are listed, but less than 4 unique affiliations.
  • Response –
    • Solicitation of individuals interested in being listed as initial participants has continued since the submission of the IEEE 802.3 New Ethernet Applications Industry Connections Activity Initiation Document (ICAID) for consideration at the July 2022 plenary. A total of 41 individuals from 25 different affiliations have indicated their initial participation in this Industry Connections activity.


Comment #2–

  • 8.4 Suggest removal of the black text after the “if yes” option as it is not needed ( you replied “no”).

Response –




John D’Ambrosia

Vice-Chair, IEEE 802.3 NEA Ad hoc


From: <>
Sent: Tuesday, July 12, 2022 9:47 PM
Subject: Double check on who submitted comments on IEEE 802.3 ICAID


Dear EC members,


According to my records, the following summarizes comments on the IEEE 802.3 New Ethernet Applications, Endorsement Letter & ICAID as follows:

·       IEEE 802.1 – None

·       IEEE 802.11 – 2 comments

·       IEEE 802.15 - None


If anyone else believes they sent comments that I did not receive please could you let me know ASAP.


Thanks and best regards,

John D’Ambrosia

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