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[802SEC] IEEE Std 802 WG Ballot proposal


I would like to propose an alternative for WG ballot, based on my preference of retaining consistency with existing procedures: 

(a) The ballot group will be the 802.1 WG members as of the ballot initiation.
(b) Everyone is entitled to comment in WG ballot.
(c) Anyone indicating, in a returned ballot, a single WG or TAG membership is eligible to submit a ballot indicating Approve/Dis/Abstain and may indicate comments as MBS.
-That membership (fixed at the start of the ballot) is subject to confirmation.
(d) Comment resolution will be conducted by 802.1 using their existing procedures. All comments marked MBS are treated as such.
(e) Ballot reporting will categorize all results per WG/TAG. In other words, we will see, for each WG/TAG, the votes, the comment stats, and the unresolved MBS. 
(f) An 802.1 WG request to forward for SA ballot will follow the usual process, including the required 75% approval among the ballot group, with the additional report details.
(g) The procedures will be documented in the ballot announcement, whose distribution will not be restricted.

This would give all members an equal opportunity and give everyone, throughout the process, visibility into perspectives per WG. At the end of the process, it will help EC members decide how to vote on forwarding. It still recognizes that the PAR is assigned to the 802.1 WG and that it cannot advance until 802.1 is on board; that requirement is essentially inevitable because the motion is not coming to the EC until there is a motion of the 802.1 WG.



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