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Re: [802SEC] Membership rules

I have always understood this rule to be unambiguous.
" Membership starts at the third Plenary Session"
so P1+P2+P3 starts voting rights.
An Interim can be substituted for either P1 or P2, as membership starts on a Plenary 3,
This leads to P1+P2+P3 or P1+I1+P3 or  I1+P2+P3 as options to gain membership.
" one of the two Plenary Sessions"  would not be the third.
My understanding,
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On Fri, Oct 7, 2022 at 12:57 PM Law, David <> wrote:
Dear IEEE 802 EC,

While subclause 4.2 'Voting Membership' of the IEEE 802 Working Group P&P includes the text 'Membership starts at the third Plenary Session attended by the participant.', it also includes the text '... one credited recent Working Group or Task Group Interim Session may be substituted for one of the two Plenary Sessions required to establish membership.'.

I have always interpreted the latter to also apply to the former. That is, if an interim is substituted for a plenary in the two out of the last four plenary attendance calculation, the same interim is substituted for a plenary in the third plenary attendance calculation. In addition, and please correct me if I'm wrong, if that was not the case there is no point being able to substitute an interim for a plenary when calculating the two out of the last four as 'Membership starts at the third Plenary Session attended by the participant.' on its own requires attendance at two plenaries to gain membership.

I'd like to confirm that my above interpretation is correct, and if so, suggest we might consider an update to the rules to make this clear.

Best regards,

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