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[802SEC] Rules report for November 2022 and proposed OM changes


I have posted a report of the Rules meeting at: I will be presenting the report at the opening LMSC meeting.

There are two proposed changes to the OM listed in that document and this email serves as notification of the proposed changes. At least 30 days need to pass before a vote to approve them.

There is no rush as these are clarifications, so I propose we take these up on first conference call in 2023.

Summary: We post draft PARs and draft ICAIDs on our website at:, which is a history of the ones that had been submitted for consideration, going back as far as July 2008. The current text in 9.3 and 10.3 says that the PARs and ICAIDs at the URL _should_ be removed after approval by the LMSC.

The proposal is to remove that sentence from 9.3 and 10.3 and add the word "draft" to where PAR and ICAID are referenced, to make it clear that these are the drafts and not the approved PARs or ICAIDs.

James Gilb

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