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[802SEC] WG15 Motion for the Nov. 2022 LMSC Closing Plenary

Dear EC Members,

This is a reminder that I previously requested that the following motion be added to the Non Consent agenda portion of the Nov. 2022 LMSC Closing Plenary. An additional Non Consent agenda motion is also added below, and the details will be completed following the closing of the WG15 closing plenary. I will be posting a doc with all WG15 motions for the 802 LMSC Closing Plenary and sending out the link.


Please let me know of any questions.


Best Regards,
Clint Powell


IEEE 802.15 WG Chair & 802 LMSC Executive Committee

Meta Platforms - Wireless Standards Consultant



Motion 1:

IEEE 802.15 WG requests IEEE 802 LMSC approval of the formation of IEEE 802.15 WG Privacy Study Group to consider development of a Project Authorization Request (PAR) and Criteria for Standards Development (CSD) responses for addressing the privacy of addresses.

Moved: Clint Powell

Seconded: Edward Au


The above motion was approved by a 802.15 WG Motion during the September Wireless Interim WG15 Closing Plenary:

Motion: That the 802.15 Working Group seeks approval from the 802 EC to form a study group in 802.15 to develop the PAR and CSD documents for “Privacy” and additionally authorize the 802.15 WG Chair to make any necessary changes to these docs required to support the submission.

Moved: Tero Kivinen

Seconded: Phil Beecher

No discussion, DVL vote:  22/0/1 (Y/N/A)


Motion 2:

IEEE 802.15 WG requests IEEE 802 LMSC confirmation of Ann Krieger as 802.15 WG Vice Chair.

Moved: Clint Powell

Seconded: Edward Au


The below was the motion w.r.t. the 802.15 WG Officer election held during the November Plenary WG15 Closing Plenary:

Motion: to approve the appointment of Ann Krieger (US Department of Defense) as Vice Chair of IEEE 802.15, subject to confirmation by IEEE 802 LMSC.

Moved: Phil Beecher

Seconded: Ben Rolfe

??? discussion, DVL vote:  x/y/z (Y/N/A)


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