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[802SEC] comment on proposed P802.15.4 amendment PAR


The proposed P802.15.4 amendment PAR says:
5.1.2 Is the Standards Committee aware of possible registration activity related to this project? Yes
Explanation: This project might need a Organizationally Unique Identifier (OUI) allocated for privacy addresses.

This explanation suggests a possible need for something that may be unavailable. The IEEE Registration Authority’s tutorial Guidelines for Use of Extended Unique Identifier (EUI), Organizationally Unique Identifier (OUI), and Company ID (CID) says that "With some exceptions, particularly with regard to protocol identifiers, each EUI is intended to be globally unique and bound to a hardware device instance or other object that requires unique identification.” It seems to me that this may be incompatible with the suggestion in the explanation. Since the explanation is speculative (“might”) anyway, I guess it would cause no harm to avoid calling out a proposal that contradicts RA policy.

Consequently, I propose changing the explanation to something like:
Explanation: This project may amend the usage of MAC addresses.



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