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[802SEC] P802-REVc comment resolution in May 2023

Dear WG chairs and Executive Secretaries

In May, we will be meeting in 3 time zones during the same week.

I would like 3 1 hour slots to do comment resolution for P802-REVc that will allow for mixed-mode attendance from any interested IEEE 802 attendee.

Time  Helsinki Orlando	San Antonio
        1 pm	7 am	6 am
	2 pm	8 am	7 am
	3 pm	9 am	8 am
	4 pm	10 am	9 am
	5 pm	11 am	10 am
	6 pm	noon	11 am
	7 pm	1 pm	noon
	8 pm	2 pm	1 pm

At each of the 3 locations, we will need a room with space for 10.

I would suggest that each site (WCSC, 802.1 and 802.3) each pick a day (Tuesday-Thursday) and time (from the list above) that works well for their group. That way we spread the inconvenience.

James Gilb

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