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[802SEC] +++EC Motion+++ Approval of submission in response to an UK Ofcom’s consultation

Dear colleagues,

With this email I would like to announce the start of a LMSC ballot on a submission to UK Ofcom’s consultation “Hybrid sharing: enabling both licensed mobile and Wi-Fi users to access the upper 6 GHz band”. This is a continuation of prior submissions done over the past year or so.

Paul has delegated to me to conduct a LMSC (EC) 10-day electronic ballot on the motion below to approve the comments to the administration.  This EC motion is per IEEE 802 OM 7.2.1 Procedure, P&P 7.1 b) (majority response) and P&P 7.1.2 (2/3 approval of votes cast) for communication with government bodies and public statements.  With that we would like to see everyone respond.
Move to approve document for submission to UK Ofcom before the submission deadline, with editorial license granted to the 802.18 chair.
Mover:     Edward Au
Seconder:  Robert Stacey

Start of ballot: 13 September 2023
Close of ballot: 22 September 2023

Reference document


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