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[802SEC] increasing academic engagement in standards development

Dear Student Outreach Ad Hoc Participants,

Pursuant to last night's discussion on academic engagement, I just received an highly relevant invitation to an ANSI/Columbia University  "Listening Session", 1-3pm EST Wednesday 06 December on training the next generation of scientists and engineers on the role standards play in commercializing research and development activities.

I plan on participating and will share information with the Ad Hoc as appropriate.



See for details.

From the pdf:

"International standards development is critical to realizing the potential of investments in cutting-edge R&D. Basic and  applied research activities are essential to advancing critical and emerging technologies (CET) in the marketplace. Yet, when training the next generation of scientists and engineers, we fail to fully appreciate the role that standards play in the R&D ecosystem. Supporting robust standards development activities for CET requires new and creative partnerships. Government, industry, and academia must work collaboratively to facilitate a standards-savvy workforce ready for the innovation challenges of tomorrow."

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