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[802SEC] IEEE 802.3 comments on IEEE 802 PARs under consideration

Dear Colleagues,

Please find the IEEE 802.3 comments on IEEE 802 PARs under consideration below.

Best regards,


IEEE P802.1CB-2017/Cor1 - FRER Corrigendum 1

No comments.


IEEE P802.1ACea - Amendment - Support for IEEE Std 802.15.6  

CSD item 1.1.2 b): The project isn't adding 'wireless specifications' as many would interpret that term. It is adding a wireless network type to the set of IEEE 802 networks supported by the specified service interface.

Suggested remedy: Replace with 'The project will add IEEE Std 801.15.6 to the set of IEEE 802 networks supported by the service interface.  The project will not involve coexistence issues related to the use of wireless spectrum.'.

CSD item 1.2.1 a): This doesn't really answer broad sets of applicability and is difficult to parse.

Suggested remedy: There is a need for interconnecting wireless personal networks to infrastructure in multiple applications where MAC bridges can simplify access for IEEE 802.15.6 network connection to a data center. One target application for example is for hospitals and healthcare providers, to support a wide range of personal wireless devices. Both healthcare providers and patients will benefit from simplified networks that aggregate data streams while providing guaranteed delivery to remote data centers supporting both healthcare monitoring and emergency events. Other applications will similarly benefit from the use of IEEE 802.1 bridged network topologies.


IEEE P802.1AXdz - Amendment - YANG for Link Aggregation

No comments.


IEEE P802.15.4ad - Amendment - Data rate and range extensions to IEEE 802.15.4 Smart Utility Network (SUN) Physical layer (PHY)

PAR item 5.2.1: It looks like the posted PAR is not output from myProject. The IEEE P802.15.4ad PAR's 'Scope of the complete standard' text does not match the published base standard subclause 1.1 'Scope', and none of the published amendments/corrigendum nor the two other active amendment PARs modify the Scope. The PAR's 'Change to scope of the complete standard' only differs from the PAR's 'Scope of the complete standard' by insertion of spaces in a couple of places. 

Suggested remedy: Assuming the document is not myProject output, please submit a draft output from myProject! (Pasting text later into myProject increases the probability of inadvertently introducing changes not approved by IEEE 802!)  

As to the content of the posted document, the 'Scope of the complete standard' text should be the published Scope statement in IEEE Std 802.15.4-2020. It appears that the Scope of the published standard does not need to be changed, and that the proposed changes indicating a limitation on the MAC specifications here instead only belong in and are currently covered by item 5.2.b, 'Scope of the project'.  

If, though, there is a desire to change the Scope of the standard, the changes to the Scope should fix the typos 'boattery' and 'modificatins', as well as delete the inserted space before the new full stop of the first sentence and the inserted space before 'modificatins'.


IEEE P802.19.3a - Recommended Practice Amendment: Enhanced sub-1GHz Coexistence

PAR item 4.3: No date provided for RevCom submittal.

PAR item 5.5: It is not clear what the sentence 'Also experience within the industry can be used to update recompensates.' is trying to say.

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