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[802SEC] Latest update on the IEEE 802 Milestone event

Dear colleagues,

While we understand all of you want to get the latest update on the logistics of the IEEE 802 Milestone event, I would like to first express my thanks to Tuncer to coordinate the event together with me.  These past 3 weeks (and even now) are very challenging for Tuncer and I because, from time to time, we and our sponsor - Computer Society - were disrespected by selected organizers of the whole event and we need to stand firm to ask for what we originally have with some modifications as follows.

As you may know, the original date and venue of the event is Sunday, 19 May 2024, at Stanford University,  However, we are told by selected organizers on April 29 that Stanford's fear of possible protests as has been happening at various universities across the country, and therefore, the selected organizers want to move our whole 802 program to Monday, 20 May, 2024.

The Computer Society staff team, Tuncer, and I were quite surprised and extremely disappointed to receive this news about the restructured program.  We were not consulted about the changes, nor was there any consideration of the impact of moving to Monday on our confirmed program.  All of the panelists and the Computer Society President were confirmed for Sunday, and it is not reasonable to ask all of the panelists that Tuncer invited to reschedule their travels.   In addition, we learned that other sponsors (of the other milestone events) were notified of the program changes almost two weeks ago.  This is disrespectful to the 802 and to the Computer Society as an event sponsor. 

The initial option was to cancel our panel session and withdraw Computer Society sponsorship.  However, after a series of negotiation among all of us with the head organizer, we agreed to keep our panel session on Sunday afternoon and Monday afternoon as follows.  We will provide you further details in the near future as long as we get any update from the head organizer.


May 19, 2024

Palo Alto Crowne Plaza Cabana Hotel - Portofino Room

Hotel has a plaque celebrating the TCP specification developed here

11:30 am Doors Open

Noon to 3 pm - 50th Anniversary of the Internet - A Virtual Event

Presented by IEEE in Collaboration with People Centered Internet

3 pm - Welcome to the 50th Anniversary of the Internet 

Mei Lin Fung, Chair, i50 IEEE; Co-Founder with Vint Cerf, People Centered Internet 

Jascha Stein, Executive Chair, People Centered Internet 

John R. Treichler, IEEE Foundation President Emeritus 

3:15 pm Afternoon Tea and Social Hour

in parallel with the Virtual Event taped in the adjoining TCP room

3:15 - 3:45 pm: IEEE 802 Standards Committee

Moderator: Tuncer Baykas IEEE 802.19 Working Group Chair 

Panelists: Jyotika Athavale, IEEE CS President

Maris Graube, Originator of the IEEE 802 Standards Committee 

Geoff Thompson, Initiator of the IEEE 802 Standards Committee Milestone 

James Gilb, IEEE 802 Executive Committee Chair

Robert Stacey, IEEE 802.11 Working Group Chair

Clint Powell, IEEE 802.15 Working Group Chair

A small group of transformative networking technologies including Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and Bluetooth have radically expanded access to the global Internet. We now see them as so indispensable it’s almost easy to forget somebody had to invent them. The IEEE 802 Standards Committee has played an indispensable and ongoing role in enabling this global success story. The inventors will join us to tell us how this happened. How did they battle vested interests in order to build the kind of universal tools visionary engineers knew would work best?

4 pm Internet Tapestry: Vint Cerf with Eileen Clegg

Enjoy a walk through the 50 year history of the Internet with this 4’ by 12’ mural with Eileen showing its evolution and Vint sharing some of its hidden stories

4:45 pm Sally Wentworth Managing Director of The Internet Society

5 pm Wine & Cheese, Beer & Appetizers

6:30 pm Photo Opp “in the room where the TCP specification was developed”

8 pm Close


1:00 pm: Welcome and Introduction

Brian Berg, Vice Chair, IEEE History Committee (confirmed)

Joseph Wei, Director-Elect, IEEE Region 6 (confirmed)

Karen Galuchie, Executive Director, IEEE Foundation (confirmed)

1:30 pm: How Google’s PageRank Algorithm Shaped Our Access to Digital Content

Moderator: Marc Najork, Distinguished Research Scientist at Google DeepMind (confirmed)

Benedict Gomes, Senior Vice President for Learning & Sustainability, Google (confirmed)

Krishna Bharat, Distinguished Research Scientist, Google (confirmed)

Pandu Nayak, Vice President for Search, Google (confirmed)

Dedication of Milestone: PageRank and the Birth of Google, 1996-1998 - 10 minutes

2:25 pm: With the Internet Society @50th Anniversary of the Internet

Sally Wentworth, Managing Director, The Internet Society (confirmed)

Discussion of the 1974 TCP Paper as authored by Vint Cerf and Bob Kahn

Vint Cerf, Vice President, Chief Internet Evangelist, Google (confirmed)

Dedication of Milestone: Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) Enables the Internet, 1974 - 10 minutes

2:45 pm: The Success of the IEEE 802 Standards Committee

Bob Metcalfe, Co-Inventor of Ethernet at Xerox PARC (confirmed) 

Discussion of how the Ethernet, Wi-FI, and Bluetooth standards have impacted the world

Dedication of Milestone: Origin of the IEEE 802 Family of Networking Standards, 1980-1999 - 10 minutes

3:00 pm Four Other IEEE Milestones Which Have Paved the Way for the Next 50 Years

This portion of the program will celebrate three Milestones which were dedicated at PARC (now part of SRI) on Friday, May 17, as well as ALOHAnet which led directly to the development of Ethernet.

Brian Berg, Vice Chair, IEEE History Committee (confirmed)

  1. Development of the Commercial Laser Printer, 1971-1977

    • Ron Rider, VP of Digital Imaging (retired), Xerox PARC (confirmed)

  2. The Xerox Alto Establishes Personal Networked Computing, 1972-1983

    • John Shoch, Office Systems Division President (retired), Xerox PARC (confirmed)

  3. Ethernet Local Area Network (LAN), 1973-1985 &

  4. The ALOHAnet Packet Radio Data Network, 1971

    • Bob Metcalfe, Co-Inventor of Ethernet at Xerox PARC (confirmed) 

3:25 pm Closing Remarks 

A future where all can participate: The Imagination Workshops for the Next 50 Years 

Mei Lin Fung, Chair, i50 IEEE; Co-Founder with Vint Cerf, People Centered Internet (confirmed)

Jascha Stein, Executive Chair, People Centered Internet (confirmed) 

3:45 pm Computer History Museum’s Front Wall of 26 IEEE Milestone Plaques

Brian Berg, Vice Chair, IEEE History Committee (confirmed) 

Timothy Lee, President-Elect, IEEE-USA (to be confirmed) 

4:00 - 6:00 pm  Reception and Photo opportunity

Tuncer and Edward

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