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[802SEC] IEEE Std 802.3 as an ITU-T Recommendation

Dear IEEE 802 LMSC members,
As I reported during my 'IEEE Std 802.3 as an ITU-T Recommendation' contribution to the IEEE 802 LMSC teleconference meeting yesterday, the IEEE 802.3 Drafting Ad Hoc created the following two documents. In preparation for consideration by the IEEE 802.3 Ethernet Working Group on Thursday 16 May 2024 and then, assuming approval, a five-day IEEE 802 LMSC review, I would like to request comments on these two documents. The deadline for comment is Tuesday 14 May 2024 AOE (23:59 UTC-12).
Thanks, and best regards,
[1] Liaison to ITU-T SG15 regarding 'Proposal to make the IEEE 802.3 Ethernet standard available as an ITU-T Recommendation through referencing'
URL: <>
[2] Contribution to ITU-T SG15 'Proposal to publish IEEE Std 802.3 as an ITU-T Recommendation'
URL: <>
Note: The contribution to ITU-T SG15 'Proposal to publish IEEE Std 802.3 as an ITU-T Recommendation' includes a contribution cover sheet, the ITU-T A.1 justification, and an initial draft of Recommendation ITU-T 'Ethernet'. Since the above URL is public, it only contains the contribution cover sheet and the ITU-T A.1 justification. I will email the entire contribution, including the draft, to all IEEE 802 LMSC members in a moment. I will be happy to also supply the entire contribution to any other individual that contacts me.

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