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stds-802-16: Meeting schedules

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I agree that the contributions have not been forthcoming. I am one of the
guilty persons. I had promised Brian that I will have my comments on the
reflector. We had a good start with the system architecture diagram posted
by Margarete. Nothing beyond that.  

I have some comments on that. The architecture diagram is required to be in
slightly in more detail, showing the interface at the WAN side as well as
the CPE side, and also showing blocks for the OSS and the security
interface. This could be on the lines of the architecture diagram given in
the DOCSIS specifications published by CableLabs. I would request members on
this reflector to look at the diagram on page 3 of the DOCSIS 1.1 Radio
Frequency Interface Specifications. It is available on the public area of
their web site: http://www.cablemodem.com 

I fully agree with Brian. Let us keep our discussions going on the
reflector. Let us try to get to the midpoint between the IEEE and the IETF
culture. I will try to have next week on the reflector, a slight variation
of the diagram posted by Margarete. Now we have the outline. Comments should
be forthcoming on the outline.

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