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stds-802-16: contribution: "WW Spectrum Allocations for BWA"

[Notice: It is the policy of 802.16 to treat messages posted here as non-confidential.]

I have received and posted a presentation entitled "WW Spectrum Allocations
for BWA," by Doug Gray, as document IEEE 802.16cc-99/04:


This document was not formally contributed. However, since it was presented
as part of the Coexistence Task Group meeting in Boulder, I am posting it
as a document. I will do the same with the other presentations that were
made in Boulder without a formal document contribution.

In general, all submissions should come through the chair of the Task Group
that accepted the contribution or put the presentation on the agenda. That
person will be responsible for ensuring that the submission follows the
rules and is appropriate for the topic it's been listed under. At some
point, I'll introduce a "get tough" policy on this and refuse to post
documents that haven't gone through channels. However, for the moment,
expediency is more important.


Dr. Roger B. Marks  <mailto:marks@nist.gov>
Chair, IEEE 802.16 Working Group on Broadband Wireless Access
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