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[Notice: It is the policy of 802.16 to treat messages posted here as non-confidential.]

Members of 802.16 Working Group:

The overall schedule for our upcoming meeting in Montreal has been
posted on the web site by Dr. Roger Marks.  The coexistence task group
is scheduled to meet in the Bersimis Room as follows:

        Tuesday         July 6  1:00pm - 6:00pm
        Wednesday       July 7  8:00am - 6:00pm

We developed a draft PAR for coexistence at our previous meeting.  This
PAR was submitted to the Executive Committee on June 4.  It will be
reviewed by the executive committee in Montreal.  If there are any
problems or isues with the PAR, it will be returned to us for
modifications on Wednesday.  (We do not expect any major problems, but
if there are any editorial changes, we can make them Wednesday.)

We have received five (5) contributions as follow:

1.  802.16cc-99/05  Howard Sandler, "Coexistence Scenarios for
    FDD-FDD, TDD-TDD and FDD-TDD Systems
2.  802.16cc-99/06  Lou Olsen, " Operator Viewpoint on Coexistence"
3.  802.16cc-99/07  G. Jack Garrison, "Proposed LMDS/LMCS Bandplan
    for Systems in the United States and Canada"
4.  802.16cc-99/08  G. Jack Garrison, "TDD Frequency Re-Use for BWA"
5.  802.16cc-99/10  Douglas Sward, "Technical Requirements for Local    
    Multipoint Communications Systems (LMCS) Operating in the Band     
    25.35 - 28.35"

I have taken the liberty to schedule presentations on Tuesday, July 6 as

1:00 - 1:30     Lou Olsen               802.16-99/06
1:30 - 2:00     G. Jack Garrison        802.16cc-99/07
2:00 - 2:30     Howard Sandler          802.16cc-99/05
2:30 - 3:00     G. Jack Garrison        802.16cc-99/08
3:00 - 3:30     Douglas Sward           802.16cc-99/10
3:30 - 3:45     BREAK   
3:45 - 5:45     Leland Langston   Review Prototype Practice Documents
                                  and Other Approaches to
                                  Practical Coexistence
5:45 - 6:00                       Develop Game Plan for Wednesday

This is my proposal.  If a presenter has a problem with the time or
order, please let me know; we have flexibility.

                        Wednesday, July 7

Possible changes to PAR will be done if needed.

                       Morning Session:  

We will start the process of developing the actual document (Practice)
based on our previous discussions, contributed documents and, most
importantly, our PAR document.  The primary intent here is to identify
the key issues which must be addressed to insure coexistence.  We have
discussed many of these previously, and everyone has had a chance to
think about these since our previous meetings.  The contributions have
also helped us identify the critical coexistence parameters.

                        Afternoon Session

The afternoon will be devoted to the identification of specific tasks
which need to be done between the conclusion of this meeting and the
next full 802 meeting (in November).  This will be a planning session. 
It looks like we will have one 802.16 meeting prior to the full meeting
in November; we may also have one after the November meeting.  We need
to decide not only what needs to be accomplished at these meetings, but
also identify contributions needed between meetings.

Once again, I wish to thank those of you who have prepared contribution.
I encourage everyone to review the contributions on the web site, review 
the activities from our previous meetings and come prepared to develop 
solutions for coexistence.  If anyone has a suggestion(s) for better 
utilization of our time, please let me know.

Please see the web site for the overall 802/802.16 schedule as well as 
other important information.

I look forward to a good working session on coexistence next week!