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stds-802-16: MAC contribution, revised

[Notice: It is the policy of 802.16 to treat messages posted here as non-confidential.]

It turned out that, in this PDF file I posted yesterday, Figure 3 was rendered poorly.

I struggled long and hard with Word and finally got it right. There is now an updated version posted.

Sorry about the problem. I appreciate that this may be an annoyance, especially since it's a rather large file (212K). To make things a little easier, I've posted just Figure 3 alone as:


Unfortunately, this won't save you much downloading time, since the figure alone is 145 K.


>I have accepted a contribution on behalf of the MAC Task Group:
>IEEE 802.16mc-99/01
>System Requirements Assuring That Point-to-Multipoint Broadband Wireless
>Access Networks Are Agnostic to User and Network Protocols
>Ray Sanders <mailto:rws@Circuitpath.com>
>This document is a tutorial presentation describing a MAC-layer
>architecture whose objective is to assure that the 802.16 standard is
>agnostic to network and user protocols. This includes defining a new MAC
>Bandwidth Allocation Sublayer that can support any existing MAC layer
>(including but not limited to those normally associated with IP, ATM, STM
>and MPEG). It has the prospect of supporting new, as yet undefined,
>protocols within shared media networks in general, and Broadband Wireless
>Access networks in particular. The approach described provides
>Bandwidth-On-Demand and robust Quality of Service operation based on
>minislot scheduling principles being developed by a number of vendors.
>This document was submitted as a System Requirements contribution, but the
>System Requirements Task Group felt that it was more appropriate to the
>MAC Task Group.
>Notice I have scheduled agenda time on Thursday for the MAC group. Since
>we do not have a functional MAC group at this time, I will handle the
>agenda for that session and will place Mr. Sanders' presentation there.