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stds-802-16: actions of 802 SEC on 8 July 1999

[Notice: It is the policy of 802.16 to treat messages posted here as non-confidential.]

This note reports on actions at the 802 SEC Meeting of 8 July 1999 relevant to 802.16:

*The PAR on Coexistence of Broadband Wireless Access Systems was approved as PAR "802.16.2". [I will submit it for September 16 approval by the IEEE Standards Board.]

*A motion to renumber PAR "802.16" as "802.16.1" was ruled out of order on grounds that the SEC had not been given 30 days advance notice. [I will get this on the November SEC agenda.]

*I expressed the 802.16 request for cookies at afternoon breaks. A formal motion in this regard was not on the agenda. The 802 Chair was sympathetic and has long argued for cookies, while the 802 Executive Secretary has objected on grounds of expense. During the meeting, a plate of cookies was delivered to the Chair. [Note that I have ordered cookies for Sessions #2 and #3.]

*Roger Marks and Lou Olsen were confirmed as 802.16 Chair and Vice Chair, respectively.