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stds-802-16: SYSREQ: call for comments

[Notice: It is the policy of 802.16 to treat messages posted here as non-confidential.]

* Call for Comments on the System Requirements Working Draft

The 802.16 System Requirements Task Group is working on a document that
describes system requirements that directly affect the development of the
802.16 air interface standard for broadband wireless access systems, as
described in the Project Authorization Request
(http://grouper.ieee.org/groups/802/16/interop/par.html).  It seeks input and
review by 802.16 members, participants and the industry to ensure that the
802.16 standards meets industry expectations.

The current working draft, accepted by the task group at 802.16 meeting #1
(6-8 July, 1999), is at

At meeting #1, we opened the working draft to specific comments: textual
changes that consist of insertions, deletions or changes.  Many written
comments were received at meeting #1, but few were processed by the task
group, integrated into the document and approved by the group.  Now, the task
group solicits specific comments on the document that were not previously
integrated into the document.  Below please find explicit instructions for
submitting proposed changes to the system requirements working draft.

Apart from this call for comments is a "call for contributions"
which asks for input on more general or controversial issues that need to be
resolved for system requirements.

For your reference, the editor has posted the comments collected at meeting #1
as 802.16sc-99/25:
Most of these comments have not been integrated into the current draft, and
many do not specify explicit textual changes to the draft.  The submitters
should re-submit their proposed changes using the instructions below to ensure
they will be considered.  In other words, the editor will not automatically
integrate the comments from 802.16sc-99/25.

Each comment to the document must use the comment submittal form found at:
http://grouper.ieee.org/groups/802/16/sysreq/commentform.txt.  The form is
text-based, and accommodates one "edit request."  It is filled-out with a
short example.  Just replace the example text with your own information.
Please do not delete the delimiters which are surrounded by square brackets
([]), as we may need these to conveniently import the submitted forms into a
database.  You must fill out all of the fields, which are:

-Last Name
-First Name
-Starting page number
-Starting line number
-"T" or "E": Technical (content-related) or Editorial (typos, grammar, etc.)
-A detailed description of the proposed edit
-A reason for the edit

At meeting #2, we will process all (hopefully) of the submitted comments and
resolve them in one of several ways, for example: accept, accept-but-modified,
accept(duplicate), reject, commit to a sub-group.

Send the completed comment form directly to the email reflector
(mailto:stds-802-16@ieee.org) with "SYSREQ COMMENT:" prefixed on the subject
line of your message.  Please submit one form per email message.  And, please
try to keep up with the comments submitted as this may help us avoid duplicate
and overlapping edit requests.  Further, please send your comment as a "reply"
to the "request for comments" message so that people who browse the reflector
archive on our web page can conveniently skip over the sysreq comments.

The editor reserves the right to reject a comment form, by notifying the
submitter, if the submitter did not supply enough information or did not fill
out the form correctly.

The editor will gather all of the proposed comments and integrate them into
the document, but flagged as proposed changes.  Then just prior to meeting #2,
this "marked-up" version of the document will be provided to the task group so
we can begin the comment resolution process quickly.  Note that some proposed
changes will conflict or overlap.  The editor will note this appropriately in
the marked-up document and the group will resolve the conflicts.

It is important to note that the system requirements document will be
"binding" to further air interface standards forthcoming from the 802.16
working group.  This binding nature of the document is more strict than the
editor had in mind while writing the first draft.  So, please carefully
review the use of words like "may, should, must, and shall" in the document.
The current draft has many "shoulds" and "mays" but not many "musts" or

The editor will not make any unilateral changes to the document unless they
are formatting changes, or simple grammar/spelling fixes.  So, all future
changes to the document will be decided by the task group.

Submissions will be considered non-confidential and may be posted for public
access on the System Requirements Area of the 802.16 Web Site.

For consideration for incorporating your changes in the System
Requirements document and at the August 4-6 meeting in Denver, submit your
proposed changes no later than noon PDT Monday, August 2, 1999.

Thank you, from the System Requirements Task Group leadership:

George Fishel (Chair)
Communications Consulting Services
Shermans Dale, PA
tel: 717-582-2507

David Jarrett (Vice Chair)
Lucent Technologies
Milpitas, CA
tel: 408-952-7452

Brian Petry (Editor)
3Com Corp.
12230 World Trade Dr.
San Diego, CA 92128
tel: 858-674-8533
fax: 858-674-8733