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stds-802-16: SYSREQ COMMENT

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van Waes

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Change lines 6-15 to:
The popularity and importance of Internet Protocol (IP) service needs 
no argument. The importance of the IP service will further increase in 
the near future with technologies such as VoIP and real time 
multi-media emerging. 

A great majority of the traffic transported in a 802.16 network will 
be IP. Therefore the 802.16 network must transport variable length IP 
datagrams efficiently. Both IP version 4 and 6 must be supported. 
Especially for efficient transport of IPv6, TCP/IP header compression 
over the air interface should be supported. 

The 802.16 IP service must provide support for real-time and 
non-real-time services. It should be possible to  support the emerging 
IP QoS efforts,  Differentiated Services  [43, 44] and Integrated 
Services [42].  

[Reason for Edit]
Rather than stating what are the key factors of IP, the sysreq should
state what the standard should facilitate.