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stds-802-16: SYSREQ COMMENT: Availability definition

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William (Bill)

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Insert " A period of unavailable time begins at the onset of ten consecutive
SES events based on the following definitions (cite G.826).
Severely Errored Second (SES) is defined as a one-second period which
contains (30% errored blocks. 

Errored Block (EB): A block is defined as a set of consecutive bits
associated with the path. Consecutive bits may not be contiguous in time.  A
block is typified as data block containing an error detection code for in
service performance monitoring.  An errored block is a block in which one or
more bits are in error."

Line 25 Change title from "Error Rates" to "Error Performance".

[Reason for Edit]
To define the unavailability start time for availability predictions
consistent with ITU standards.