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stds-802-16: SYSREQ COMMENT: Arnstein-5

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 Replace lines 35 through 4 on the next page with the following:  Since 802.16
networks employ an air interface, the network designer must be cognizant of
threats to security associated with the physical layout of BTS's and subscriber
terminals, antenna patterns, ability of an intruder to monitor and intercept
transmissions, as well as securityand financial vulnerability of applications
and services listed in Section 2.0

[Reason for Edit]

These paragraphs attempt to apply a solution ("strong cryptographic algorithms")
to a problem which has not been defined.  To this end, it is suggested that
802.16 form a security forum working group reporting to Systems Requirements to
report back on an agreed-upon set of threats to 802.16 networks and the
resulting matrix of derived requirements associated with those threats.  The
columns of the matrix will be Target Markets and Applications, the rows of the
matrix will be Security Mechanisms, including authentication, capacity
protection, authorization, privacy, and conditional access.