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stds-802-16: SYSREQ COMMENT: MAC Functional Requirement

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" x.  MAC Functional Requirements
The following describes the functional requirements to be performed by the
wireless MAC.  In conjunction with the PHY equipment, the MAC assures that
QoS requirements for the wireless segment are met such as delay, delay
variation, etc. and performs the following tasks.
x.1  Framing and Timing
x.2  Link Acquisition 
  - Download to subscriber the local channel plan, data rate options,
modulation options, FEC types, and timeslot arrangement employed at specific
  - Establishes link at proper upstream power and frequency
  - Provide timeslot timing calibration.
x.3  Link Maintenance
  - Provide upstream power control and frequency control (optional) to
maintain specified error rate performance during link dynamics such as rain
  - Provide timeslot timing control.
  - Interference detection and mitigation
  - Redundant hardware control
x.4  Resource Allocation
  - Admission control for connections based on available resources.
  - Dynamic allocation of channels and timeslots according to traffic and
traffic priority requirements.
  - Policying of traffic conflicts.
  - Buffer management
x.5  Link Monitoring
  - Provide status of link performance (errored seconds, etc)
  - Provide status of hardware
  - Maintain status of bandwidth and resources available
  - Fault detection, isolation and correlation."

 [Reason for Edit]
Basic functionality definition for the MAC sublayer is required at the
system level.