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RE: stds-802-16: Liaison statement from ETSI Project BRAN

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An interesting liaison document from ETSI.  I just hope this document is not
considered as an input to the System Requirement group that is currently meeting
in Denver.  This should be an input to the PHY or MAC group.  I must add that I
disagree with the ETSI position.  It seems that no major European manufacturer
was supporting TDD duplex technique which resulted in putting aside a promising

802.16 will probably not avoid such discussions but I believe the standard
should cover both FDD and TDD duplexing techniques.  ITU-R 8A/9B still receives
contributions from both FDD and TDD proponents.  FDD and TDD have different
characteristics and both should be allowed to evolve.

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Today I received a letter from Jamshid Khun-Jush (Chairman, ETSI Project BRAN)
entitled "ETSI Project BRAN Liaison Statement to ERM-RM and CEPT/ERC/PT SE19 on
HIPERACCESS Issue." This letter mentions the HIPERACCESS duplex scheme, system
architecture, and spectrum requirements.

I have posted the letter:


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