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stds-802-16: MAC Call for Contributions

[Notice: It is the policy of 802.16 to treat messages posted here as non-confidential.]

802.16 Medium Access Control Specification


The 802.16 Medium Access Control Task Group is preparing to define the MAC
layer protocols for broadband wireless access systems. Input is needed from
the industry to ensure that 802.16 standards meet industry needs. The task
group hopes to prepare a draft document starting at the 802.16, 1999 Meeting
#3  (September 13-17, Boulder, CO).

The 802.16 MAC Task Group members should come prepared to identify and
discuss issues that are key to Medium Access Control. Contributions are
requested on the following topics:

 Task Group Plan - Propose what tasks need to be done  including receiving
proposals, evaluating them, and drafting a standard.

 Propose schedules and milestones for the task group. Note that  in order
to meet the deadline in the 802.16 PAR, the 802.16 draft must be approved at
802.16 session #9 (September 2000).   Proposed schedules should specify
outputs of the intervening meetings.

 Guidelines for submission of proposals to the task group including
content. Should 802.16 require that the all proposals have a minimum set of
technical specifications that allow comparison?

 Guidelines for presenting proposals to the task group (at  802.16 meeting)
such as format, allowable presentation time, ...

 Decision criteria for selecting features from one or more proposals,
methods to integrate those features into an 802 standard.

 Simulation proposals: how shall the working group simulate the performance
of the various proposals that come in? Is a single simulation model

 Methods to evaluate how efficiently proposed MACs use  RF spectrum

 Definition of the broadband wireless MAC, and interfaces to layers above
and below the MAC.

 Propose an outline of topics for the MAC Specification Document.

Please submit contributions on these topics using the 802.16 Document
Submission Template. Submissions will be considered non-confidential and
will be posted for public access in the Medium Access Control area of the
802.16 Web Site. If you wish to submit a copyrighted or otherwise
confidential document, please contact Roger Marks (r.b.marks@ieee.gov) to
make arraignments. However, the 802.16 group encourages open, unprotected

For consideration at the next 802.16 Medium Access Control task group
meeting (September 13-17, 1999, Boulder, CO), receipt of contributions is
due September 9, 1999. Send contributions to Lou Olsen (
louis.olsen@teligent.com ).

Acting 802.16 MAC Chairman				
Louis Olsen					
8065 Leesburg Pike, Suite 400		
Vienna, VA 22182				
(702) 762-5369								

Acting 802.16 MAC Vice Chairman
Jung Yee
Newbridge Networks Corp.
600 March Road
PO Box 13600
Kanata, Ontatio, Canada, K2K2E6
(613) 599-3600 Ext. 1442