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stds-802-16: QoS: Service table

To the QoS Ad-hoc Committee and members of 802.16:

I have attached the Quality of Service table which Dave Jarrett started
at the Denver meeting last week.  This table summarizes the requirements
that the 802.16 standard will need to meet if it is to serve the ervice
classes given in the table.  The table represents the budget available
to the access network  Separate text can present an application-layer
view of the requirements, but the backbone network consumes much of that
budget, for example in transcontinental propagation delays.

Contributions are solicited for table values, together with references
to the source of the numbers, preferably a T1, ETSI, or ITU document.

Also, suggestions for changing the entries are welcome.  These could
include combining some of the entries if the services and values are
very similar,  the deletion of columns that are not really pertinent, or
the rewording of items to improve clarity.

I'll try to merge the input I receive over the next few days and send it
back out.  Some editorial prerogative will be exercised to combine
similar contributions, but items on which there is not agreement will be
left with multiple entries that we can choose between by e-mail or in
the next meeting.  Also, please defer contributions of wording to go
with the paragraph; we'll do that as a second step.

We'll try to schedule a morning or afternoon session at the Boulder
meeting in September.

Contributions by all are welcome; members of the QoS A Committee are
especially urged to get their responses in early.

Thanks to all.


Bearer Service_QOS.doc