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stds-802-16: Revised Call for Contributions - PHY

Title: Revised Call for Contributions - PHY

I just remembered that Roger is on vacation. So I am posting this on the reflector...



In 802.16 Session #1 (July 1999, Montreal) we have agreed on a work plan for the PHY-TG which described necessary activities of the group. Therefore contributions are required for the following activities of our next meetings (some of these already mentioned in our previous call for contributions):

  1. Outline the table of contents (TOC) of the PHY document. The TOC will also be used as a template for submissions of physical layer proposals. This would allow a clear comparison between proposals and with ease the integration process of proposals into the final document.
  2. Propose PHY core items that are required for evaluating physical layer proposals and when comparing them one to each other.
  3. Propose models of entities being used or utilized by physical layer means, such as a channel model or radio impairments model (i.e., phase noise, amplifier non-linearity behavior). Agreement on these models will allow an objective evaluation of physical layer proposals.

The agreed upon work plan proposed that physical layer proposals could be submitted in the interim meeting (Session #5) after the upcoming November 802 plenary and should follow the group developed guidelines. A separate call for contributions for these proposals will be posted in a later stage.

Please submit contributions on these topics using the 802.16 Document Submission Template. Submissions will be considered non-confidential and will be posted for public access in the PHY area of the 802.16 Web Site. If you wish to submit a copyrighted or otherwise confidential document, please contact Roger Marks to make arraignments. However, the 802.16 group encourages open, unprotected communications.

For consideration at the next 802.16 PHY group meeting (September 13-17, 1999, Boulder, CO), receipt of contributions is due September 9, 1999. Send contributions to Jay Klein.

Thank you,

Jay Klein & John Liebetreu