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stds-802-16: permission to post some IEEE copyrighted materials {URLscorrected}

I have updated the 802.16 Document Submission Template to Revision 6:


but I haven't yet mentioned Revision 5 to the reflector.

Revision 5 added a section entitled "Use of IEEE-Copyrighted 
Conference and Journal Papers." This section was added as a result of 
a request I had made to Bill Hagen (Manager, IEEE Intellectual 
Property Rights). I had pointed out that our participants are 
sometimes interested in contributing documents which have been 
previously published in IEEE periodicals or conference proceedings 
and to which IEEE holds the copyright. We have not been able to 
legally publish these documents to our site. However, Mr. Hagen 
agreed to provide us permission to do so, provided that we include a 
proper copyright and credit notice on the paper and that we have 
written approval from the author. All versions of the Template, 
starting with Rev. 5, will include instructions on how to contribute 
such IEEE copyrighted materials.

The IEEE copyright permission is fully documented in Document IEEE 
802.16-99/01r5 ("802.16 Document Submission Template, Revision 5")

Revision 6 adds instructions on setting the Document Info tags in PDF 
files for the benefit of on-line searching. It is documented in 
IEEE 802.16-99/01r6 ("802.16 Document Submission Template, Revision 6")