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stds-802-16: IEEE COMSOC - 802.16 Presenter Invitation


I've been following this mailing list for the past few months and it appears
that significant progress has been made on the 802.16 standard. As an IEEE
member, I have been working with the chair of the IEEE Communications
Society here in Charlotte, NC to bring in presenters to discuss various
topics for our COMSOC meetings here in region 3. I understand that
presentations regarding the progress of the 802.16 standards have been given
and are now being scheduled. Therefore, I am extending an open invitation to
the members of the 802.16 committee to participate in one of our COMSOC
meetings and present information about the state of the 802.16 standard. We
would like to schedule this event for sometime in November or December.

This is an open invitation and we would appreciate a response from anyone on
the 802.16 committee regarding this matter.

My intentions are not to detract from the purpose of this mailing list nor
to blindly solicit. It is my intentions to participate in IEEE sanctioned
activities and to bring topics of interest concerning emerging technologies
and the coinciding standards to the Communication Society in my region.


Robert Beazley
Open Computing Network Services
IEEE member #40136514